Is there anything better than seeing your kid’s face light up the first time you walk down Main Street USA and see Cinderella Castle? While taking the kids to Disney World is a truly incredible experience, it can also be exhausting! Follow these simple 5 tips to keep yourself from succumbing to the exhaustion of a trip with the kids.

orlandovacation_family-relaxing-vacation-home1.         Make your home away from home a true luxury

You’ll see some tips below on how to handle the days you spend in the parks, but remember that one of the most important ways to fight fatigue is to get a good night’s rest. You may think that staying at a Disney hotel offers convenience that results in a rested papa in the morning, but the truth is that these resorts are so crowded and noisy that they can bring exhaustion all their own. Consider the incredibly affordable vacation homes that give you privacy and a chance to really recharge.

2.         Say “yes” when you can

At home you’re the disciplinarian. On vacation you can be the dad who says “yes.” Does this mean you let the kids call all the shots? No, of course not! But know when to pick your battles. If your kids want to ride Barnstormer 15 times a row, why not? You’ll get a chance to relax and dealing with happy kids is much less exhausting than dealing with dragging kids!

orlandovacation_be-our-guest-restaurant3.         Know where the adult beverages are

Taking a break for a beer or mixed drink can take the edge off and let you relax in the happiest place on earth. Note that Magic Kingdom only has one location that sells alcohol: the Be Our Guest restaurant. The other parks have plenty of choices, especially the World Showcase in Epcot, where you can sample drinks from around the world.

4.         Bring backup

If you’re planning to travel alone with the kids, why not bring their favorite aunt or uncle along? Or perhaps their favorite babysitter? The money you spend to bring another adult along can be well worth it when it means you get to take a break when you need to.

5.         Have a plan

Too often dads want to simply wing it on vacation. After all, their daily routine is full of work, soccer practice, and obligations. While it may sound nice to just go with the flow, this can actually run you out of energy quicker than anything else once you find yourself standing in long lines and dealing with the worst crowds. Plan your dining reservations wisely, set up your FastPass+ reservations, and pick which park to visit based on anticipated crowd levels.