If you’re unfamiliar with Disney terminology, you may be confused when you hear the term Vinylmation. Vinylmation collectibles are small, hand-sized collectible figures that come in a variety 1.5-, 3-inch, or 9-inch limited-edition figures. The vinylmation collections include some of the most familiar names and characters from Disney classics and the D-Street store offers shoppers the chance to see the newest collections after their released straight from Disney artists at the Disney Design Group. Artists create the figures from a blank, three-dimensional canvas and enhance the props with visually sensational graphics.
Shumacher proclaimed the Downtown Disney west-side location as the flagship store for Vinylmation and the source for the latest releases of Disney collectibles.

This new urban-style location is the flagship store for Vinylmation serving as the place for launching the latest releases of new Disney collectibles. At D-Street, guests can design their own one of a kind commemorative pieces,they can combine uniquely created vinyls, they can shop for trendy fashion apparel, and they can meet cast members while trading. This location will feature product launches, early releases, and top Disney artists throughout the year. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience vinylmation, you know it inspires creativity personality and fun.

Downtown Disney Vice President Keith Bradford said,
“We’re excited to welcome this new addition to  Disney west side to showcase what we already know, that Disney has something for everyone. This shop is perfect complement to what we already offer in D-town in retail, adding to the excellent lines of Disney product. It was just two weeks ago we had a pass holder event and once the guests got inside, they loved the look, feel and creativity of the store; but most of all, they loved the engagement of the D-Street cast members.