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Disney World Magic Kingdom for Honeymooners

A Magical Honeymoon at Disney World Magic Kingdom

A Magical Honeymoon at Disney World Magic KingdomLove is in the air at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Although from the advertising it may seem that Disney World Magic Kingdom is primarily targeted to families with young children, Disney World is rapidly rising in popularity as a honeymoon destination, surpassing even such legendary destinations as Las Vegas. Disney has begun to capitalize on this popularity, offering a wide range of both wedding and honeymoon opportunities.

The best way to make your Disney honeymoon truly special is to fully participate. Purchase the Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears. Although they may seem silly, the ears make your newlywed status obvious at a glance. You will be happily surprised to see how many times throughout the day you are acknowledged by other guests as well as Cast Members.

Never expect extra touches, but do not be surprised when they happen. Your ears will increase your chances of being chosen as an audience participant in shows, draw attention from Streetmosphere characters, and possibly even help you score a table at a fully booked restaurant.

Half the fun is in discovering your own magical spots and romantic moments. Some couples who honeymoon at Disney re-visit year after year for their anniversary, touring the places that meant the most at the beginning of their life together. For others, a Disney honeymoon is a one-time vacation. Either way, be sure to take time out of your touring plans to simply enjoy each other. Do not get so caught up in the must-sees that you forget to let the romance happen.

The Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s flagship park. Perhaps one or both of you visited as children, or maybe it is the first visit for both. Whether you are a first time visitor or long term repeat guest, there is no denying that love is one of the main themes throughout the park. Allow yourself to enjoy the magic and romance as you begin your own “happily ever after.”

Although you will, of course, want to find your own places and activities that have relevance to the two of you, if you are a first time visitor you may wonder where to begin. Especially if your honeymoon takes places during the busy season, you may feel that the Magic Kingdom is crawling with kids, and wonder how it could possibly be romantic.

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Most Romantic Places in Magic Kingdom

Here, then, in no particular order, is a list of this author’s picks as the top ten romantic places and activities of the Magic Kingdom. Use this only as a jumping off point to creating your honeymoon dreams.

  • Most Romantic Places in Disney World Magic KingdomFantasyland at night – Fantasyland at night. Particularly if you are lucky enough to be there following an afternoon rainstorm. The crowds will have cleared, and the land takes on an almost mystical glow. Enjoy a nostalgic after dark ride on Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel. If you are pyrotechnics buffs, try the Wishes fireworks from a bench near the Carrousel. The location is fantastic.
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island – Run and play like children on the barrel bridge and scare each other silly in Injun Joe’s Cave. Then pretend you are Tom and Becky and slip away to a deserted corner of the island for some one on one time.
  • Cinderellabration – Presented throughout the day on the Castle Forecourt Stage, this silly but nostalgic show will make you feel like one of the princesses.
  • Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – This walk-through attraction is especially pretty at night, and offers a “jungle overlook” that is quite beautiful.
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority – This slow moving ride provides a great aerial view of Tomorrowland and is a great place to cuddle up and take a breather from the crowds.
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant – This table service eatery on Main Street USA is modeled after the Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp first fell in love.
  • Cinderella’s Castle – Perhaps more marriage proposals take place in front of the Castle than anywhere else on Disney property. As the heart of the iconic park, the Castle is meaningful, and especially beautiful by night.
  • Haunted Mansion – This classic attraction is a dark ride through a spooky haunted house. Cuddle close in your Doom Buggy and enjoy the ride.
  • Main Street USA – Hot dogs, ice cream, and a wide variety of baked goods make this an excellent stop to grab snacks and sit at an outdoor table, watching the world go by.
  • Astro Orbiter – Soar high above Tomorrowland in a rocketship built for two. A nostalgic ride with great views, this one is especially nice at night.

Insider’s Tip:

Wear the silly bride and groom ears and enjoy the extra attention that you receive. Allow yourselves to run and play and act like children, and delight in making memories that will last for a lifetime. The Disney World Magic Kingdom is a wonderful place to begin your new life together.

Although the Disney World Magic Kingdom is heavily marketed to families with children, honeymooning couples should be sure to visit. Love and romance are among Disney’s biggest themes, and the Magic Kingdom is a wonderful place to fall in love all over again. Enjoy the attractions, but be sure to take time out for yourselves as well.

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