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Magic Kingdom Attraction – Minnies Country House

Visitors tour through all of Minnie Mouse’s house which is full of cartoony details and gags. In the Living Room you can sit on some zany pieces of furniture, and get a look at Minnie’s family photographs. In the craft room Minnie’s amazing artistic talents are on display including a beautiful self-portrait and a painting of Donald Duck as Blue Boy. The office is where Minnie checks up on her work as the editor of Minnie’s Cartoon Country Living Magazine. The final room, the kitchen, features a lot of interactive elements to play with. There is an oven where you can watch a cake rise and fall, or you can pop some popcorn in the microwave. After you’ve toured the house you enter Minnie’s garden which is full of pink flowers and a wishing well.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young children love playing with the interactive elements in the kitchen.
ages 5-10 Many children are very excited to tour Minnie’s house, but be warned that Minnie is not usually found in it.
ages 11-15 Some pre-teens and teens enjoy the zany gags throughout the house.
ages 16-adult The details in the house are cute, but as a whole the attraction in mostly expendable for adults.
senior citizens The details in the house are cute, but as a whole the attraction in mostly expendable for seniors.

Disney Tip

Visit anytime as there is never a line.

Disney Facts

  • Open the referigerator door and you’ll discover Minnie’s secret stash of cheese!

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