Hidden Mickey’s in Magic Kingdom

Hidden Mickey’s are the hidden Mickey ear and face, usually shadowed, which are fun to find through out the mark. They will often look similar to this when seen throughout the parks oOo. Look for extras on your own or ask a Cast Member to see if they will share the secret of the Hidden Mickey.

Some of the Hidden Mickey’s that can be seen at the Magic Kingdom are:

  • By the end of Main Street next to Cinderella's Castle is a nicely landscaped section where there is a statue of Disney World and Mickey Mouse. Around the base of the statue, there are flowers encircled by a rail. The shadow of the detail in the rail forms a hidden Mickey. You can see this hidden Mickey in the morning before noon.
  • At this same statue, there is a Mickey ring on Walt's hand.
  • The bridles on the Trolley Car horses on Main Street have a couple of Hidden Mickey’s.
  • Inside Cinderella Castle a series of rooms were designed to be an apartment for the Disney family. Eventually the rooms were repurposed as the King Stefan's Banquet Hall (now known as Cinderella's Royal Table).
  • The pathways of Main Street are a red pavement to give guests the feel of walking down a red carpet.
  • The buildings on Main Street are not quite full size so that visitors feel larger than life. The buildings also get shorter and the street slopes upwards toward Cinderella Castle, to give the illusion the castle is larger than it actually is. It also helps slow down guest traffic as people are entering the park and speed up traffic as guests are leaving.
  • It's Not a Small World, After All . . . Covering just about forty seven sq. miles, the Disney World resort is about the same size as the city of San Francisco. Of the more than 30,000 plus acres, less than a quarter has been actually developed. Also, there is still another quarter that has been designated as a wilderness preserve on the Disney property.
  • A Mountain Range? Walt Disney World is home to Florida's two highest "mountains!" In the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain rises 197 feet above Frontierland, and Space Mountain in Tomorrowland is 180 feet tall.

Many of the vacation home owners which own the Disney condos which we rent out also have hidden mickeys in their houses and condos. Often times it is a lot of fun for the guests to try and sit around and to find these hidden Mickey’s.