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Magic Kingdom – Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Guests can fly high above Fantasyland in cars shaped like Dumbo the elephant, who uses his oversized ears to fly. Riders can use a lever inside to make Dumbo fly up and down as they whirl around.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 This attraction can be one of the highlights of a young child’s trip to the Magic Kingdom.
ages 5-10 While the ride is simple, many kids greatly enjoy Dumbo.
ages 11-15 Not recommended for adults or teens. Teens find it very boring
ages 16-adult Unless reliving childhood memories, this ride is not recommended for adults.
senior citizens The most thrilling element of the ride is the big drop which is easily visible from the outside. If you think you can handle the plunge, the rest of the attraction is quite wonderful and is one of Disney’s best.

Disney Tip

Dumbo the Flying Elephant attracts one of the longest lines for the shortest ride time in the Magic Kingdom. Thanks to the Fantasyland expansion there are now two Dumbo rides going at once, but it is still one of the longest lines in the park due to its popularity with the younger kids. While the ride only lasts about 90 seconds, the wait time can be over an hour. If you’re planning on riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant, arrive at park opening and make it the first stop of the day.

Disney Facts

  • Look at the top of the attraction and you’ll spot Timothy Mouse, Dumbo’s faithful friend.
  • Since there are two places to ride Dumbo and a play area while you wait. Parents can have a seat in the AC while their kids play. You are given a beeper to hold your space in line.