Fun Facts About Disney

Disney World Fun FactsDisney World has four major theme parks, two water parks, a downtown amusement area, an indoor theme park, golf courses, numerous restaurants, and much, much more. The key is to plan your activities beforehand so you will save time, energy, and above all…your money!

The first thing to do in planning your Disney World Vacation is to set a budget. This is not hard, but it is an absolute must. The worse thing is to come to Orlando and find that you were not aware of how costly various activities can be. Mind you Disney World is not cheap! It will be one of the more expensive vacations you will take. But, if you set a budget you can still have a great time and not break the bank.

One of the biggest cost savings that we alert our clients about is the purchase of base tickets rather than hoppers when buying your discount Disney World tickets. By adding the hopper portion to your ticket a family of four will spend $200 extra for this privilege to hop from park to park on any given day. Families with small children oftentimes purchase these tickets and quite frankly never hop.

Another money-saving option is to stay at a hotel near Disney World but not actually on the Disney grounds. The hotels in Disney World always sell at premium rates because most think they have to stay inside the gates. Be aware, there are plenty of exceptional hotels and resorts located literally seconds from the main entrance to the Parks and these properties carry rates significantly cheaper than those inside the gates.

If you are visiting Disney World and you desire to save money please read Disney on a budget. We promise you will find money-saving tips that will be helpful without compromising your experience.

In order to assist you further as you plan your Disney World vacation, we have compiled a number of planning articles for you:

We know these reports will assist you in planning an outstanding vacation. If you return to the main Disney World sub-directory, we have broken down each park for you and have provided touring plans and tips to each. In addition, if you purchase theme park tickets, a vacation home, or a Walt Disney World vacation package we will give you absolutely FREE a 50 page Disney guide.

Another helpful thought: plan your Disney World vacation with the kids in mind and then work up to the adults. Each of the four major Disney World theme parks was designed to cater to all age groups. If you glance at the videos and read the overviews of each park, you will quickly determine three to four amusements or attractions for each person to see each day.  By picking out specific must-see attractions, you will definitely save time, energy and will ensure that you won’t miss some of the more popular attractions.

Special Hint: Each Disney World Theme Park was built in a large circle. If you want to beat the crowds to many of the attractions, we suggest you go counterclockwise when you first enter the exhibit areas. Most visitors will follow everyone else in a clockwise path around the exhibits.

If are traveling to Orlando in the spring, summer or fall, you might want to prepare for rain. Remember, since it is quite humid in Orlando, and rain is a virtual certainty in the late afternoons almost every day. These showers usually last only about an hour or so, and afterward, it is quite pleasant for the shower has cooled things off appreciably. In planning your trip to Disney World, you will be wise to read about some activities to do if it does rain on your vacation.