As you get ready for your first trip to Disney World you’ve got a lot of things to keep track of. You have to find the right resort hotel or vacation home, you have to get your discount tickets in hand, and you have to plan your time accordingly. In the hustle and bustle of getting all of these elements lined up, it’s easy to forget to pack your essentials. Take a look at these commonly forgotten items you won’t want to leave behind.

orlandovacation_hat-sunny-daySun protection

No matter what time of year you’re traveling to Orlando, you need sun protection! Even in the cooler months, even on days where the sun never peeks out between the clouds, you need sun protection. Bring hats, sunscreen, and whatever else you need to stay shaded from the sun.

Weather protection

You never know what the Orlando weather is going to throw at you. No matter how many times you check the 10-day forecast leading up to your trip, you could still be in for a surprise. That’s why you should bring appropriate weather protection, which includes lightweight jackets for cool nights, ponchos from the dollar store that can be thrown away after a rain storm, and open toed shoes that dry easily after a downpour.

Medical information

If you’re in charge of packing for your family, it’s likely you’re also the one in the family who knows everyone’s medical needs, medications, and more. But what if something happens to you? What if you’re away from your family when an accident occurs? Write down all the pertinent details and let someone else know where you’re carrying it at all times. In the event the worst happens, getting medical care will be faster, easier, and of higher quality if this information is easily accessible.

orlandovacation_mickey-mouse-autographSwimming supplies

Many Disney World guests get so excited planning for rides that they forget to think about the rest of their trip. Your resort hotel or private vacation home likely has a pool, and taking a dunk in the middle of the day is a great way to recharge and to cool off. Remember not only your bathing suit but pool supplies too, like noodles, toes, inflatables, and anything else you need to make swimming fun and playful.

Postcards, Disney t-shirts, and autograph books

It’s true that you’re likely going to want to buy souvenirs while you’re at Disney World, but an easy way to save money and hassle is to bring a few down with you. Buy t-shirts, postcards, and autograph books online to save money for unique souvenirs and keepsakes you’ll only find in the Disney parks.