orlandovacation_disney-just-married-pinMany people take their first trip to Disney World to celebrate a big event in their life, whether a wedding, birthday, anniversary, high school graduation, or other milestone event. The great thing about Disney World is that it’s always a celebration, but when you have a special thing to celebrate they’ll go even further.

Visit Guest Services to Get Your Pin

The first step is to talk to Guest Services to get your free celebratory pin. Guest Services are located at all 4 theme parks near the entrances to the parks. Simply go ask for the appropriate pin and they’ll write your name on. Your options include:

  • Happy Birthday pins
  • Anniversary pins
  • Newlywed pins
  • Generic “I’m celebrating pins!”

Get Ready for Lots of Attention!

When you wear your pin you’ll have other guests and cast members alike congratulating you. In fact, every cast member is instructed to wish you well, by name, every time they see you. This can be a ton of fun, but for the shier guests it can get overwhelming at times. Remember that you can take off your pin at any time you’d like.

orlandovacation_disney-birthday-pinKeep Your Expectations in Check

While you will get plenty of attention and lots of smiles, keep in mind that you may or may not get any freebies or upgrades. Some cast members will see that you’re celebrating and go the extra mile to make your experience just a little more magical, but they are the exception and not the rule. Remember that there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of people celebrating something every single day at Disney World. Surely everyone can’t get freebies and upgrades.

There’s always something to celebrate when you take your family on an amazing Orlando vacation, but if you have something special planned be sure to get your pin so the celebration can spread to other guests and cast members around you.

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