run-disney-shoesDisney World can be enjoyed by people of all ages, by people traveling alone, people traveling with large families – and certainly by single parents and their kids. Of course, this does introduce new challenges, but we really liked what The Disney Diva had to say. Read her 10 tips for single parents, or check out our favorite 5 below.

#1:          The Question of Shoes

However much walking you imagine doing – double it. Not only will you be pounding the pavement, but you’ll spend a lot of time waiting in lines. That’s why the right shoes are essential. Plan ahead so the kids can wear them once a week for am onto or so before your trip to break them in. They’ll be new enough to have plenty of support, but broken in enough to avoid blisters.

#2:          Do Your Research

There are a lot of great planning guides that can clue you in to great things like family restrooms and height requirements for each ride. Don’t simply walk into the parks and assume you can play it by ear. A little planning means happy kids – and a happy parent.

disney-world-laundry#3:          Plan for Laundry

Trying to pack everything your kids will need into a single suitcase can be quite a challenge! Most resorts have laundry facilities on site, and many of them are located right by the pool. If your kids are old enough to be left on their own for a few minutes, you can let them splash while you switch the loads over.

#4:          Grocery Delivery Can Save You Some Serious Cash

One of the biggest expenses is food – and when you’re the only adult eating you could end up spending a lot of money on huge adult entrees that you can’t finish yourself, and your kids wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. In fact, while there are chicken nuggets and pizza options at virtually every restaurant, your kids may get sick of the limited kids options before long – which results in more wasted food. Have your groceries delivered right to your resort to save money and hassle.

#5:          Consider Renting a Vacation Home

This one wasn’t covered by The Disney Diva, but we think it’s so important for parents to look into all the lodging options. Many don’t realize that renting a vacation home can be as little as $99 per night, and can be significantly less expensive than other options. Plus you get a kitchen, private pool, and usually at least two bathrooms. This gives you a chance to unwind on your own after the kids are safely tucked into bed.