You’ve experienced the joy of taking your kids and grandkids to Disney World, but there are worlds of fun awaiting you on your seniors-only trip. Here are four things you don’t want to miss out on as you plan for your exciting trip.

1.         Eat a delicious adults-only dinner

grandparents dining at disney world

You’ve likely eaten at plenty of quick service spots, and you may even have ventured into a few table service meals – but always with the little ones in mind. Now that it’s just the adults, take the time for a leisurely, delicious meal. There are tons of options within the parks. Some of our favorites include:

  • EPCOT: Le Cellier. If you love steak then you’ll love this dim, delicious eatery. From incredible desserts to decadent entrees – plus an impressive wine list – this is a perfect spot for adults.
  • Hollywood Studios: Hollywood Brown Derby. Walk into the heyday of Hollywood and dine on their famous Cobb Salad and Grapefruit Cake – or enjoy a freshly made pasta dish.
  • Animal Kingdom: Yak and Yeti. For those more adventurous eaters, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to try some unique eats without picky-eating kids.
  • Magic Kingdom: Be Our Guest. There aren’t a ton of table service options at the Magic Kingdom, and it may seem strange to suggest a meal that’s best known as a great place to take kids. But the truth is that the ambiance here is truly magical and romantic, the food is great, and it’s the only place in the Magic Kingdom where alcohol is served.

2.         Enjoy the fireworks with an adult beverage

Three of the four Disney theme parks has near-nightly fireworks display, each with its own unique advantages. Plan your evening around sitting down with a beer, cocktail, or adult beverage of your choice, while you enjoy fireworks the way only Disney can do. Remember that the Magic Kingdom doesn’t sell alcohol (except in Be Our Guest – but you can’t see the fireworks from inside the restaurant); however, you can head to the nearby California Grill to enjoy a drink in their lounge while the fireworks burst around you.

3.         Ride what you want to ride – when you want to ride it!

grandparents disney world ride

Adults-only trips are often more about food, drinks, and relaxing than they are about rides, but don’t forget that you no longer have to go on rides that don’t interest you (or come home with it’s a small world stuck in your head after riding it countless times) and you can double up on the ones you love. If the tea cups are your favorite, don’t be shy about riding them a dozen times in a row!

4.         Rest!

When you’re traveling with young kids, there is simply no time to take a break. As an adults-only group, you can take must needed rests whenever you need them. Take advantage of this and tour the parks at a leisurely, comfortable pace.