Disney World Confirms Limited Capacity Through 2023: What Does That Mean for You? 

Disney World needs no introduction regarding the places people add to their vacation bucket lists. But immense popularity has its downsides. 

Disney World requires its guests to make reservations in advance. Moreover, dates around summer, spring break, and the holiday season are booked quite early. But that’s not all. 

Disney has confirmed that they will limit the capacity through the year 2023. They have also confirmed that the Disney Park Pass Reservation system will be in place at least until early 2023. 

The question is, how does that affect your Disney World vacation plans? Can’t you just book a reservation on arrival and call it a day, right? 

Not quite. 

To understand the importance of booking early in advance, let us first shed light on the Disney Park Pass System.

Disney Park Pass System: What is it and How does it Work?

Disney Park Pass System is a reservation system that requires all the visitors with an Annual Pass or a ticket to make a reservation in advance for each park entry. But since Covid, Disney World has limited capacity to stay in line with the health and safety guidelines and maintain SOPs. As a result, they will be limiting guest capacity throughout 2023. 

Regardless of the theme park you’re interested in, its reservation will be limited and subject to availability. Using your My Disney Experience account, which is a prerequisite for using the Disney Park Pass System, you will get access to a calendar that will show the availability of parks on the dates of your interest. 

If you are someone with a multi-day ticket, you will have to make reservations for parks on each day of your visit. And if you have purchased the park hopper option, you will still have to make a theme park reservation. 

In a nutshell, no matter which theme park you wish to visit or which options you’re using, you will have to face the limited capacity issue throughout 2023, which can dent your vacation plans unless you are…

The Smart Visitor

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