There are many good reasons to stay at a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel but here is the reasons Disney puts a lot of effort into the Good Neighbor program.

1. Guest Satisfaction- Disney knows that a good hotel stay can make or break a vacation and they also understand it is not realistic to for every guest to stay at one of their properties. So they developed the Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels Program, so they could steer guests into the nicest hotels around Disney World.

2. Groups- There are a lot of groups which come to Disney World every year and not all groups want to stay at a Disney hotel so Disney’s reservation department puts them up at the Good Neighbor hotel which fits the groups needs the best.

3. Disney wants nice hotels built around Disney World. Can you imagine if all the guests who went to Disney World stayed at a Disney owned  hotel. You would have nothing but a bunch of foreclosed and desolated properties that guests would have to drive by to get to Disney World. This is not what Disney wants and the guest don’t want it either.

If you are looking for a nice Disney Good Neighbor Hotels to stay at on your vacation please check out the hotels we work with. All of our hotels are really nice and they are all offering great rates.