Not only is it possible to go to Disney World as a single parent – it can be a lot of fun! With some careful planning, and a little research, you can enjoy the parks just as much as the two-parent family. Rebecca Gruber at has some interesting tips for surviving your first trip to Disney. Read her blog or check out some of our favorite tips below.

Set Limits Before Your Trip

There’s no question that the Disney execs are pros at product placement. When you exit most rides, you’ll be forced to walk through stores that showcase products themed for the amazing ride you just left. Your kids are going to want to buy something at every turn, and as the day goes on and you get more and more tired, it’s going to seem easier to just give in.


The best way to avoid this is to set concrete limits for your kids. Tell them exactly how much they can spend on souvenirs. If they spend all their money on the first day, you won’t feel any guilt about telling them they can’t have that Buzz Lightyear keychain the next day. For older kids you may consider buying Disney gift cards. They can use it for whatever they’d like, but when the money’s gone – it’s gone.

Another great way to save money on your Disney vacation is to purchase a package deal complete with tickets and hotel stay. By combining these to things together we can offer you the greatest discounts. Click here for our best prices on Disney World Packages.


Character Breakfasts Can Be a Lifesaver

If your kids love characters, then the best way to see them is to make a reservation for a character breakfast. These meals aren’t cheap, but they can save tons of time in the parks. Lines for some character meet and greets can be hours long, so spending a few extra dollars to meet half a dozen characters at breakfast can be well worth it.


Breaks are Essential

If you’re visiting for more than three days, taking a full day off to relax at your hotel or rental home will give everyone a chance to recharge. For trips shorter than three days, schedule a break in the middle of the day. Not only will you get a chance to rest, but you’ll miss both the hottest and busiest times of the day.

Save Fireworks for Your Last Night


The fireworks shows at each of the 4 Disney parks are truly spectacular, but if you stay for the full show you might not get back to your home base until well after 11:00 pm. If this is past your kid’s bedtime, then the best plan is to do it on your final night in Orlando. Your kids will be exhausted the next day, but if you’re going to be flying all day, there’s no better time for a series of long naps.

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