Disney World released a new 2012 promotion this week–“One More Disney Day”. 2012 is a leap year, meaning we’ll get an extra day of work or play this year. What will you do with the extra time?

On New Year’s Eve, Disney announced a group of promotions and special events geared to help you figure out how to spend your “extra day” this year. If you are headed to Orlando at the end of February (or thinking of visiting during this time), you can take advantage of some special leap year events and promotions:

  • The Magic Kingdom will stay open a full 24 hours on February 29, 2012, beginning at 6am. If you’ve ever wanted to see the sun rise (and set) inside the park, this will be the day to do it. Disney has traditionally offered some kind of premium–a pin, special map or poster to commemorate this type of event; stay tuned for more details. This will be the first time either park has ever been open for a full 24 hours of fun.
  • 60 lucky families will win a trip for four to either Disney World or Disneyland; the company is giving away a free trip per day until February 29, 2012. Official rules and entry information can be found on the Disney Website.
  • Disney is offering various ticketing promotions for this event as well–most add an extra day to your vacation at no additional charge, making this a fun way to stay and play in Orlando without spending a lot of extra cash.  Contact Orlando Vacations for more details on how to save on your extra Disney day.