If you’ve ever rented a vacation home then you likely have a long list of reasons it was one of your best vacations ever. If you’ve never stayed in one then you’re in for a treat! Read on to discover many reasons people love staying in this homes – including the number one top reason families choose vacation homes over resorts.


There’s tons of flexibility

Even if you don’t think you’re a picky traveler, there are likely some amenities or extras you’d like to have in a perfect world. Parents of special needs kids definitely know that flexibility in accommodations is an essential part of the decision-making process. And the great thing is that whether your requests are just because you want them, or because your family needs them, vacation homes come in all sizes, shapes, and with a wide range of extras that can accommodate virtually any need.

You get amenities you never even dreamed of

People who’ve always booked their reservations with a resort hotel are sometimes hesitant to try out a vacation home because they believe that they’ll miss out on all the awesome amenities they’re used. The reality is that the opposite is likely true! Many vacation homes not only have pools and Jacuzzis, but they’re private! Sure you won’t have a bar to relax at after a long day, but you’ll have your own private kitchen you can stock with your favorite drinks for much less than you’d pay at a hotel bar.


Everyone has their spot

Once a family rents a vacation home they often never go back, and the second most popular reason for that is the fact that everyone gets plenty of space and privacy. Why cram everyone into a single hotel room? When you do, everyone has to either go to sleep at the same time, or those who are still up have to tiptoe around to avoid bothering their snoozing companions. But when you stay in a vacation home you can rent up to eight bedrooms. Everyone has their own spot and tons of privacy!

The top reason people love vacation homes – the price!

This one is often a shocker for people without experience renting vacation homes. In fact, it’s both the number one reason people who’ve never tried it say they won’t, and the number one reason people who’ve stayed in them say they’ll keep doing so. While some people seem to think these homes are prohibitively expensive, the truth is that they start at just $99 a night! Why spend thousands when you can get more amenities, more space, more flexibility, and more fun for less!