Disney World Orlando is a bucket list destination for many reasons. But the one that probably sits at the top of the list is that it is a theme park heaven. The four theme parks at Disney World are The Magic Kingdom, The Hollywood Studios, The EPCOT Center, and The Animal Kingdom. 

As many people visit Disney World for the first time, the idea of deciding which theme park to visit can stress them out. They are worried that they might choose the wrong park, which will not be up to their expectations. Even though every single Disney World Park provides countless opportunities for fun, each one is tuned for a slightly specific experience. 

Therefore, in this article, we will help you decide which Disney World theme park to choose, depending upon what your preferences are!

Which Disney World theme park to choose

The Magic Kingdom-The Classic Disney Experience

The classic Disney Experience with all the characters, fairy tales, and stories is best attained at The Magic Kingdom. This is the park where it started it all, and the iconic Cinderella Castle is the insignia that helps people instantly recognize everything “Disney”.

The park has maintained its traditional and authentic atmosphere for over half a century and provides a perfect balance between nostalgia and whimsy, tradition and modernity, and fantasy and wonder. It is also the perfect park for families with little tots. 

The Hollywood Studios-Where Thrill Rules the Day

Some of the most famous, exciting, and thrilling rides of Disney World, such as the Tower of Terror and the Rock n’ Roller Coaster, are right here at Hollywood Studios. This fact makes this park the most coveted location for the people looking for the adrenaline rush.

Apart from the rides, other movie-related adventures such as the Toy Story Land or the recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge make this park instantly likeable by teens and adults. Adventure, action, and high-energy experiences are the names of the game here. 

The EPCOT Center-For the Gourmet in You

EPCOT Center is where the remarkable international cuisine comes under one roof to tantalize your taste buds. This is the perfect park for the people looking forward to enjoying fine culinary experiences at Disney World. 

Whenever you visit EPCOT Center, you will probably see a themed festival. There are four of them that go on all year round. These festivals feature amazing dishes and drinks and represent cuisines from different parts of the world. 

The Animal Kingdom-For a Jungle Stroll

The Animal Kingdom will make you feel like a part of a documentary crew enjoying a jungle adventure. The park is covered with various trails that bring you close to the animals. 

You can also try out the “Wilderness Explorer”, a free activity you can enjoy at your own pace where you get to learn interesting facts about nature and earn badges. The whole experience is similar to a leisurely stroll to relax and calm you. 

Final Word on which Disney world park is the best in Orlando

Deciding which Disney World park to go to comes down to personal preference regarding the kind of atmosphere and experience you’re interested in, and this list will make it easier. 

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