There’s one thing you can count on in Florida in the summer: torrential downpours that happen almost daily. Sometimes the storms come and go quickly, but some days it seems like they’ll never end. What can you do on a rainy day at Walt Disney World? Head over to Downtown Disney and enjoy some indoor fun at DisneyQuest.

The nice thing about DisneyQuest is that it even has virtual versions of some of the Magic Kingdom’s rides. For example, there’s CyberSpace Mountain, an interesting version of the real thing that lets you create your own ride experience. Unlike the real roller coaster, you can even add flips and rolls. Put it together on the computer, then hop inside the pod and go for a ride.

You can also hop about the Virtual Jungle Cruise, where there’s no wisecracking skipper because you’re the one in control. Paddle down a prehistoric river and see if you can avoid the obstacles and grab helpful gizmos for your trip. Beware: the cruise might be virtual, but sometimes the water is all too real.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold takes the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride a step further. You’ve not just a passive passenger traveling through a pirate-ravaged village. Instead, you’re in the middle of the action right on a pirate ship, blasting cannon balls and dodging blades.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters puts you in a vehicle and lets you blast at targets, just like the Magic Kingdom ride. The big difference is that your vehicle is a bumper car you pilot yourself, and the target is the other drivers as you scoop up and shoot “asteroids” at them.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride has a Magic Kingdom version that’s very similar to Dumbo. Here, you board a virtual carpet and soar through Aladdin’s hometown of Agrabah on a mission to find the magic lamp. If you’re successful, you’ll save Genie.

In addition to those attractions, you can become part of a human pinball game, enter a comic book world full of super villains, or learn to draw a classic Disney character. There’s a whole area full of classic video games, too, where parents can show the kids a thing or two. You’ll find oldies but goodies like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and even Space Invaders. This is Disney, so don’t be surprised if you also stumble across Wreck-It Ralph.

DisneyQuest is included with certain tickets. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a separate admission fee. It’s easy to get to Downtown Disney, either by driving and parking in the spacious free lot or by taking a bus from one of the Disney hotels. There’s no direct service from any of the theme parks, so if you’re at a park, hop a bus to any hotel, then pick up the free Downtown Disney bus there. If you’re staying at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista inside Walt Disney World, you can even walk if it’s not raining too hard.

Check out for ticket and package options, including tickets that include a day at DisneyQuest, and a good rate at the on-site Best Western and other nearby properties. If you prefer to talk to someone live, call 800-641-4008. For more information on Disney Quest click here. **Attraction Update: On January 30, 2017, the Disney Parks announced that DisneyQuest would close after July 2, 2017.