If you are heading to the Orlando area for Spring Break, you don’t have to miss the Easter festivities. You can find Easter Sunday church services,chances to meet with the Easter bunny and some of the largest, most elaborately decorated Easter eggs you’ve ever seen, right here in Orlando.

Church Services:

You can find churches of any denomination in Orlando; area churches are welcoming and well used to guests. If you do not have a particular affiliation in mind, or simply want to attend a memorable Easter service, consider the sunrise service held in SeaWorld’s Bayside Stadium. SeaWorld will open at 5:30, and services begin at 6:30am. This service is a good choice if you are planning to visit the park that day, or have passes.

Easter Egg Artistry:





Elaborate eggs are on display at the Grand Floridian. Photo copyright S.McNesby, 2011




See some of the world’s most elaborately decorated edible eggs, on display now at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. The eggs are made from chocolate, fondant and sculpted sugar, and weigh about 10 pounds each. Each egg is hand sculpted and painted, and together they are a breathtaking example of the Grand Floridian chefs’ mastery of the culinary arts.The display is in the lobby, and well worth a visit if you enjoy beautiful food.

Egg hunts and the Easter Bunny:

You can see the Easter bunny in any of Orlando’s malls in the week leading up to Easter. You can also find Easter Egg hunts in the weeks leading up to the big day; check the website for each of the local parks for more information.