10 Best Pizza or Take Out Foods Near the Attractions

Let’s face it. Sometimes after a long – but fun! – day at an Orlando theme park, or visiting museums or hiking or biking, you don’t feel in the mood to get dressed up to go to a fine dining restaurant, or even a casual dining restaurant. All you want is to get back to […]

What’s New at SeaWorld Orlando

Each year, SeaWorld Orlando debuts some new rides, some new events and new activities. What’s new at Seaworld Orlando in 2017? Interacting with the Animals “Natural Encounters” rather than “Theatrical Shows” SeaWorld Orlando, and indeed all the SeaWorld parks, will be undergoing a “sea change,” as Shakespeare puts it. After decades of pressure from animal […]

What’s New at Disney World

Nothing every stays the same, and that includes the rides, shows and even the restaurants at Disney World. Some restaurants close and others open periodically. The same holds true for shows and events. That’s why it’s important for visitors to any theme park in Orlando to make sure they’re reading up-to-date info about the restaurants […]

10 Best New Orlando Theme Park Attractions

Each year, Orlando’s theme parks add one or two new rides and shows to ensure that regular visitors always have new experiences to enjoy. Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios each added new rides and shows during 2016, as did the smaller theme parks of LEGOLAND, Gatorland and Fun Spot Orlando. So, here’s a list […]

What’s New at Universal Studios in 2017

Universal Studios recently unveiled a few new rides, which we’ll talk about here because they are still relatively new, and we’ll talk about some new rides and events that are going to open during 2017. First, some rides that have already opened, but may be new to you if you haven’t visited Universal Studios Orlando […]

The Worst Advice Ever Given About Booking an Orlando Vacation

Orlando is one of the country’s premiere vacation destinations. Millions of people visit here each year, and many thousands more dream of coming and ask their friends and acquaintances who have been here for advice. When planning a trip to Orlando, people tend to trust the opinions and advice of their friends who have already […]

The 10 Best Orlando Vacation Home Communities

Orlando draws millions of visitors each year, and most of them stay in hotels. Vacation home rentals have been growing in popularity over the years, however. Guests appreciate the privacy of their own “home away from home” for the duration of their stay. Here’s a list of the top 10 best Orlando vacation home communities […]

10 Best Smaller Attractions in Orlando

The three most visited attractions in Orlando are Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. Although these parks all deliver unique experiences and plenty of fun, Orlando has other theme parks that are also well worth visiting, so here are the 10 best smaller attractions in Orlando. Fun Spot Orlando, 5700 Fun Spot Way Fun Spot Orlando […]

10 Best Orlando Casual Restaurants for Guest on Vacation

For visitors to Orlando who want good food at a great price, there are hundreds of eateries to choose from. Orlando of course has all the chain restaurants to be found in every large city – but as such they are not unique to the city. Visiting locally-owned Orlando restaurants delivers that “Orlando experience” that […]

The Top 10 Myths About Disney World

Florida’s Walt Disney World opened its doors on October 1, 1971. In its 40+ year history, rides and attractions have come and gone. The resort areas have expanded, and shows have been added. Many people who have visited the park multiple times in each decade of its history have a nostalgia for a certain ride […]