Kids love the theme parks, but they also enjoy staying at a resort with lots of kid-friendly amenities. When you stay in the Walt Disney World area, you have lots of places to choose from with special amenities that families love. Here are the best amenities for kids and where to find them:


Kids love swimming pools, and virtually every resort has at least one pool for families to enjoy, but some go over and above the norm with their water amenities. For example, Mystic Dunes actually has four pools and a water slide emerging from a rock. Regal Palms Resort is another place for water slides, and the kids will also want to do a round or two on the lazy river. Want your own private swimming pool? Rent a deluxe vacation home and have a pool all to yourself. No worries about crowds, just water fun any time the kids want it. Moms like it, too, because swimming pools are perfect kid sitters.

Water Sports

Water is a kid attractant, so amenities that go beyond swimming are a big favorite with youngsters. Imagine staying at a resort with activities like fishing and canoeing out on a picturesque lake. Grand Beach Resort is on the banks of Little Lake Bryan, where the youngsters can cast a line or get some exercise paddling out on the water.

Free Breakfast

Mom will probably appreciate this amenity even more than the kids because it saves money and ensures that the family is sufficiently fueled up for a long, busy day at Walt Disney World. The Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista and the Holiday Inn Maingate East both offer free breakfast for the kids. Fill them out before you head out to the Magic Kingdom or one of the other theme parks and maybe they won’t nag you for a Mickey ice cream bar or another treat until lunchtime.

Miniature Golf

Kids love mini-golf, and they get pretty competitive with their siblings and parents in a hotly contested game. Disney World has mini-golf courses, and you can also find them on the nearby tourist strips, but the cost quickly adds up. A miniature golf course right at your resort is a great amenity that keeps the kids busy and doesn’t add to the cost of your vacation. Mystic Dunes has a course, as well as tennis courts and bike rentals, to ensure the youngest family members will never say, “I’m bored!”

Multiple Televisions

Don’t you hate it when the kids can’t agree on what to watch on TV? That problem is multiplied with cable or satellite, which adds more channels and more choices over which to fight. Fortunately, many resorts and vacation homes have enough TVs to satisfy everyone in the family. For example, Mystic Dunes has TVs in every bedroom and a 52-inch flat-screen in the great room. Regal Palms Resort has a bedroom and great room TVs, too, and you’ll find multiple TVs in many vacation pool homes. If you stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista or the Holiday Inn Maingate East, the family can even catch a movie in the on-site theater, with showings geared toward kids.

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