Whether you’re taking your kid’s soccer team or a group of best friends from college, a group trip to Orlando is not without its challenges. While you’ll certainly do your best to research all the hotels, food options, and discount ticket choices, have you taken the time to consider how you can be on your best behavior? Many regular Disney World veterans have a long list of complaints about large groups traveling together. Follow these tips to stay off their naughty lists.

1.         Line-holding is frowned upon

Many groups assume that just one person needs to hold a space in line. As that person gets closer to the attraction, the rest of their group can simply skirt around those waiting in line to join their party, right? While some Cast Members may let you get away with it, you’ll be treated to lots of nasty stares from those who’ve been waiting patiently. Not only are you skipping ahead of them, but they’ll have to maneuver themselves in tight quarters to let you get by.


2.         Remember that other people can hear you

Orlando is exciting! Your group is going to be excited, and there’s nothing wrong with letting it show – to a point. Many people complain about loud chanting and singing by large groups. It’s great to see enthusiasm, but when that enthusiasm is so loud that it makes it impossible for others to carry on a simple conversation, it’s gone too far.

3.         Be considerate of your hotel neighbors

The reality is that the walls in hotels are not sound proof. If you’re traveling with a large group and there are 2, 3, or even 4 people staying in the same room, it’s not unusual that there will be some gabbing all night long. However, remember that others in adjoining rooms are trying to sleep. A simple solution to this issue is to rent an Orlando vacation home that allows you to get all the space you need without worrying about waking up the neighbors.


4.         Don’t take more than you need

When you visit a counter service restaurant and see a napkin dispenser, you may think, “I should grab some from the group!” That’s awfully considerate of you – but remember that other people may have had the same thought. This can lead to dozens of wasted napkins for no good reason. It’s true of all sorts of things – don’t assume you’re the only one grabbing for your group and avoid the waste.

5.         Watch where you’re going

Large groups want to stay together, and they should – but not when it means taking up the entire sidewalk. Be especially aware of those pushing strollers or traveling in wheelchairs, as they can’t stop quickly just because they see a few dozen people headed directly for them.