There are many accommodation options in Orlando, and many factors you’ll have to consider when searching for the right choice for you and your family. Let’s take a look at the top four most important factors (cost, location, amenities, and convenience) and find out if this option is best for you.

Comparing the Cost of Vacation Homes vs. Resort Hotels

One of the most common misconceptions about renting an Orlando vacation home is that it will be much more expensive than staying in a resort hotel. While it will of course vary based on which vacation home you’re looking at and which resort you’re considering, keep in mind that these homes rent for as little as $99 per night. This can be an especially great deal when you’re traveling with a larger group that would require several hotel rooms.


The Importance of Location in Orlando Accommodations

Many families elect to stay on Disney property because they want to be close to the parks. What they may not realize is that the vacation homes rented from companies like are no more than 15 minutes from the parks. While you do want to make sure you’re not driving an hour each way every day, a 15 minute drive is likely worth the lower cost and added amenities.

orlandovacation_vacation-pool-home-amenitiesFinding the Amenities You Need

It’s hard to imagine a resort hotel with more amenities than you’ll find if you rent your own vacation home. Many have private pools, private Jacuzzis, full chef’s kitchens, and much more! You can choose the home you rent, so you’ll have total control over which amenities it has. About the only thing you won’t find at a rental home that you would find in a resort are the vending machines! Luckily you can simply stop by the local grocery store and stock your own private fridge with your favorite treats and snacks.

It’s all About Convenience

Let’s face it: when you’re on vacation you want the most convenient experience possible. While you might go to great lengths to save a ton of money in your everyday, it may not be worth it to inconvenience yourself when you’re on vacation. The good news is that these vacation homes are close to the parks, they have everything you need, and they provide a way for larger groups to get some privacy.

Imagine taking the kids to a hotel room where you have to be quiet the moment they go to bed. Then imagine renting a vacation home where you can tuck them into their own bedrooms and relax on the couch with your favorite TV show, take a dip in your private pool, or sit down with a few adult beverages. Vacation homes give you all these conveniences and more!