The next time you pack for a trip to Disney World, make sure you leave plenty of room to bring home souvenirs because Disney has announced something truly exciting indeed: Celebrate National Coffee Day with a Look Ahead to New Mugs Coming to Disney Parks. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have options that will be coming to the parks in the near future.

Get ready for the upcoming Colorful Kitchen collection

new disney world coffee mugsThe character mugs that will soon be released are part of the Colorful Kitchen collection, a new option from Disney. There are also new mugs to be released as part of the Twenty-Eight & Main launch – a new men’s accessory and apparel collection. The clothing brand is known for their attention to detail, and you can expect that the mugs they produce will have Disney details aplenty.

New additions to an older line

Back in 2014 Disney brought out a new line of Disney Princess mugs. They were truly unique options that many grandparents loved – especially as a gift for their teen granddaughters who were just starting to drink tea or coffee on their own. This year they’re releasing the latest additions to the line – and of course they’re Frozen themed! Elsa takes her place amongst these amazing mugs.

The popular Starbucks mugs

The “You Are Here” collection, available at Starbucks in all four parks, have proven to be hugely popular. They have a somewhat vintage or nostalgic feel to them, but they also have a modern feel. It’s a great mish-mash and the public consensus is that the designers did an incredible job on these. All four parks have their own mug, which is only available in its own park – so if you want them all, you’ll have to visit all four parks and pick one up at each of your visits!

disney world mad tea party mugsFuture coffee mug offerings

Grandparents whose kids grew up at Disney are likely to love the Mad Tea Party coffee set that’s coming out sometime in 2016. The cups are attached right to the saucer for an added flair of whimsy, and they come in four colors. It’s the perfect souvenir for the grandparent who wants to bring home a little taste of the Disney parks of yesteryear. Of course these tea cups are still present at the parks – and as popular as ever before – but they’re now enjoyed as a nostalgic ride.

Visiting Disney World with the grandkids is great fun for them – but it should be great fun for you too! Don’t forget to check out your favorite souvenirs, like these unique coffee mugs. No matter what your collect – or what strikes your fancy – there’s something for you at Disney World.