So you’ve taken your kids to Disney World before. OK, you’ve taken them to Disney World before . . . many times. Most people would be envious to make regular trips, but you know that the challenge can be getting out of the rut of simply doing all the same things you’ve done every time before. Let’s check out 3 unique things you can do at Disney World to make the experience new again.

orlandovacation_toy-story-hollywood-studios1.         Visit a meet and greet you haven’t prioritized in the past

For many dads, taking the kids to meet and greets is one of the first things they plan. While there are tons of characters spread throughout the parks, many parents get stuck in the rut of taking their kids to see the same few time and time again. Try a new one and have a totally new experience. Do your daughters usually beg for the princesses? Try out Buzz Lightyear at Hollywood Studios. Do your sons wait all year to meet Woody? Head over to Epcot to meet Alice in Wonderland. The sky’s the limit!

2.         Play an interactive game

Several parks have interactive games you can try out, and in fact the Magic Kingdom has two: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and the Pirates League. Many who travel to the parks just once every few years won’t prioritize these types of games because they can take up quite a bit of time in the parks. But for you? You visit plenty! Take a leisurely afternoon in Epcot tracking down Agent P, or check out the two options mentioned above in the Magic Kingdom.

3.         Try a new restaurant every time

There are literally hundreds of places to eat a meal or a snack within the parks, and yet families can easily get stuck in a rut. You may love the ribs at Cosmic Rays, but have you tried them at Flame Tree BBQ? You may walk right by Sleep Hollow Refreshments and not realize they have some incredible waffle sandwiches to try. Branch out at every trip so you can always have a new experience.


These are just 3 options, but there are tons of ways to try something new. No matter how much of a Disney pro you feel like, there’s always a new taste, attraction, or show you can take in.

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