When you’re planning your trip to Orlando, you have a lot of decisions to make. Some of them may be challenging and others will be simple. As you compare Orlando hotels and Orlando vacation packages, make sure you check out these seven reasons to stay at the Regal Palms Resort and Spa.

1. Villas can sleep up to 11 people

If you’re traveling with a group and you try to stay in a traditional hotel, you’ve got a few options. First, you can squeeze everyone into a few hotel rooms, which puts people in grumpy moods when they miss out on their privacy. Second, you can spread everyone out into half a dozen rooms and feel as though you’re on separate vacations. Regal Palms Resort and Spa solves these issues by offering villas that can comfortably sleep up to 11 people.

2. You can get your own private pool

Depending on which villa you choose, you could have your own private pool. Why share with strangers, why stick to rules about when you can and can’t swim when you can get your own private option? This is a great choice for families with smaller kid who want to make sure they can easily supervise them, as well as older groups who want to swim in cool, calm waters.

3. You’re able to prepare your own meals

When some families look to book Orlando hotels, they have every intention of eating at a restaurant for every meal. They feel that since they’re on vacation, they want to enjoy every second and skip the hassle. Good for them! For others who want to save money by making their own meals, or who want to ensure they have plenty of healthy options or familiar options for picky eaters, having your own kitchen in the Regal Palms Resort and Spa lets you decide how you’d like to eat your meals.

4. Stay clean and comfortable thanks to your own washer and dryer

No one wants to spend their Orlando vacation sitting around doing laundry. This is why it can be so convenient to have a washer and dryer right in your vacation home rentals. Instead of sitting in a laundry facility, watching the dryer go round and round while the rest of the family explores Orlando, you can simply throw a load in when you get home, switch it over when you have a chance, and keep your clothes clean without taking time out of your day.

5. You can save some serious cash

One of the main reasons that people end up choosing Regal Palms Resort and Spa is because it can save them serious money. First, consider that it’s just cheaper to rent one pool home or town home than it is to book numerous Orlando hotels. Second, consider all the ways a home can save you money – your food bills will be lower than if you had to eat out every restaurant, you can park for free at your vacation home, and you can enjoy incredible amenities at no additional cost.

6. There are some incredible amenities available

The specific type of amenities available to you will vary based on which of the places you choose to rent. Examples of some of the available amenities that may be an option at the home you rent include:

  • Private hot tub
  • Game room
  • Free WIFI
  • Spas
  • Casual restaurants and bars
  • Outside terraces and patios
  • Volleyball courts
  • Lazy river pools
  • Waterslides
  • Playgrounds
  • BBQ and picnic areas
  • Fitness centers

These are just some of the amenities you’ll find available at Regal Palms Resort and Spa that you aren’t likely to find at Orlando hotels.

7. You can get help planning your perfect Orlando vacation package

There’s so much to do in Orlando, from more than a dozen theme parks to world-renowned chefs cooking up culinary delights, from incredible shopping options to beaches within an hour. Everyone can find something that gets them excited about a trip to Orlando. That said, the many options can lead to difficulty deciding what’s best.

When you book with Regal Palms Resort and Spa, you can get expert advice on your stay. You’ll find out all the hidden gems you may not have otherwise known about, you’ll learn how to get discount theme park tickets, and you’ll get an insider’s view of Orlando.