There’s no question that renting an Orlando vacation home is one of the most affordable options available – and it gives you tons of great amenities like privacy, private pools, full kitchens, and more! As you plan your next vacation, consider these 5 awesome ways to make your home away from home a little more your own!

1.         Bring your own blankets and pillows

orlandovacation_kitchen-home-rentalYour vacation home will have everything you need, including linens, but a great way to feel more at home is to have your favorite pillows and blankets with you. This is obviously not an option if you’re flying, but if you’re driving down you’ll appreciate having these items for the drive too.

2.         Cook your favorite meals

Nothing makes you feel more at home than having your typical Sunday dinner no matter where you’re at. Many of the Orlando vacation homes have full chef’s kitchens. You’ll have everything you need to whip up the classic favorites, from spaghetti to delicious burgers. Just stop by one of the local markets, get the food you need, and continue your family traditions even while you’re on vacation.

3.         Pack a streaming device

If you’re the type of family that rarely watches live TV, then it may be a little strange to stay in a home with cable and no access to the streaming apps you’re used to. So bring your own! Whether you use a Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, or other device, you can simply pack it and plug it in when you arrive. You’ll have access to all your favorite shows and will feel just like you’re at home.

4.         Unpack as soon as you get there

One of the simplest things you can do is to unpack right when you arrive. When your clothes are hung in the closet, your items are taken out and put in drawers, and your toiletries are just where you need them, you’ll feel much more centered and at home than if you’re shifting through half a dozen suitcases every time you need something.


5.         Bring your favorite plants

If you’re driving and you have extra room, think about packing up your potted plants! Not only will you not have to rely on someone else to stop by your own house to water them, but they’ll make you feel right at home. This is an especially great idea if you’re traveling in the winter months and your plants could use some of that lovely Florida sunshine!

No matter where you’re traveling from, or how you’re getting to Orlando, there are simple ways you can make your experience even more magical! Taking the time to make your home feel like a home makes it easy to come home every night and simple relax as you take in all the day has brought you.