You’re taking your kids to Disney World because you want them to have the experience of a lifetime, but don’t forget that you’re there to have a blast, too! No matter how magical your experience is, there will come a moment when you wish you could just unwind. Check out these 5 ways you can get a few minutes to yourself.

1.         Hire an in-room babysitter

There are numerous services available in Orlando that bring a thoroughly trained and background-checked babysitter right to your room. You can put the kids down for the night, and sneak out for a quick drink in the World Showcase, dinner on your own, or ride your favorite thrill rides without worrying about the kids. These services can be quite expensive, but can also be well worth it when you need a break.

2.         Travel with a friend

The best option is for you to find another single parent to travel with. It’s always nice to have some backup at the parks, plus you can each take a night with the kids while the other takes a night off. If this is your plan, consider renting an Orlando vacation home. Everyone gets plenty of privacy, you get to enjoy all the amenities you want, and these homes are actually often cheaper to rent than each of you getting your own rooms. In fact, if you travel with another single parent, many of your expenses can be split.


3.         Book a special event for your kids

You’ll find several special events that allow you to drop your kids off – if they’re over a certain age. These are supervised specialty cruises, tours, and other fun activities. Look into all your options and be sure to sell it to the kids as a unique opportunity to enjoy something they love and make new friends. Typically these events last a few hours, which give you plenty of time to sneak off for some “me time.”

4.         Take the kids to a Kids Club

Several of the Disney resorts have a “Kids Club,” which are essentially like a large playroom, themed to a specific thing, such as pirates or the Lion King. You’ll find plenty of trained Disney cast members ready to show movies, play games, and entertain the kids while you take off on your own.


5.         Order in at your resort or vacation home

You don’t have to go out to take a moment for yourself. Have a pizza delivered, or order from one of the many delicious Orlando restaurants that deliver. Sit down on your balcony or in the living room of your vacation home, and take a moment to decompress after an exciting day.