It’s common for travelers to Orlando to assume that any trip to Orlando involves spending a ton of money but the truth is that you can do it more affordably than you may think. Check out this article from the Family Travel Network on 10 Money-Saving Secrets for Orlando Family Vacations, or review our favorite 5 tips below.

1.         Timing is everything

Any veteran of getting great deals in Orlando will tell you that the holy grail of savings is picking the right time to visit. If at all possible, travel during the off-season for the best deals. This essentially translates to any time that most schools are in session.

2.         Keep your accommodations affordable

Keeping the cost of your accommodations down doesn’t mean staying in a flea bag motel. In fact, you’ll find tons of resorts and vacation homes for prices much lower than you’re likely imagining. The key is to not fall into the trap of assuming the best option is to stay on Disney property. You’ll pay at least twice as much for minimal benefits and convenience.


3.         Don’t waste money on food

Do you need to eat? Sure you do! Do you want to enjoy a few delicious, unique meals in the Disney or Universal parks? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat every meal in the parks. Instead, focus on making breakfast in your hotel room or vacation home. You can also bring lunch into the parks for added savings.

4.         Save money on your park tickets

It’s true that the prices for the tickets themselves can be high, but you can always find discounted Orlando theme park tickets to keep your costs down. You can also skip added costs like park hoppers for even more savings.

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5.         Pack wisely!

One of the best ways to save money is to simply be wise about packing. It’s likely no surprise to you that some of the items most often left behind end up being the most expensive items to purchase when you’re in Orlando. Don’t forget your sunscreen, medications, sunglasses, and other must-haves. Check out an online packing list to ensure you’re not forgetting the essentials.