If you travel for work on a regular basis, then you’ve got to keep an eye on the latest ways to get the most from your travel experiences. Whether you’re coming to visit us in sunny Orlando or heading overseas, there are tons of tips to help you. Check out these 10 Travel Hacks Every Business Traveler Should Know, or read our favorite five below.

1.         Increase your chances for an upgrade by checking in late

If your hotel has upgrades available, they’ll first go to their elite status members. However, those members are more likely to check in earlier in the day. If you arrive at the airport around dinner time, stop to grab a bite to eat, and check in after 8 PM, the front desk agent may be willing to give up any available upgrades.  

2.         Save your miles for last-minute trips

Booking a flight at the last minute can be quite costly. The good news is that when you cash in miles, the number of miles required isn’t affected by when the ticket is purchased. As a result, you’ll get the most bang for your miles if you save them for those short notice, last-minute trips.


3.         Be kind to the person who does your travel booking

If there’s an administrative assistant in charge of your travel bookings, remember that it won’t hurt to go the extra mile for them! At a minimum, make sure they’re aware of your preferences. They may not know that you’d rather stay in one hotel chain over another, or that you’d prefer one airline. If you don’t make your needs known, how are they to know?

orlandovacation_vacation-travel-reward-cards4.         Think beyond your typical rewards

As a person who travels regularly, you likely have your rewards programs down to a science. You know you get extra points when you use a certain card at a certain location, and you know to always ask for upgrades when you have VIP status. However, don’t forget that not everyone you know is so savvy. Perhaps you have a family member, business associate, or friend who doesn’t take advantage of their rewards. Ask if you can book in your name and bank their rewards points. These can really add up – and if you don’t do it, those points are simply going to waste.

5.         Re-check your travel cards regularly

The most savvy business travelers are always up to date on the latest mileage and points offered. While one card may not offer much today, they could run a bonus promotion a month from now that would give you the best deal. Don’t assume that because you’ve checked into rewards once that you’re done. Check every month and come up with the plan that works best for that month.