There’s no question that Orlando vacation homes are incredibly popular – and for good reason! These beautiful homes feature all the amenities you want at prices that are almost unbelievably low. However, because they’re so popular, there can be some unique challenges if you’re trying to book during peak times. Take a look at these tips to give yourself the best shot at getting the house you want.

orlandovacation_vacation-home-rental1.         Book as far in advance as possible

The first tip may be the simplest but it’s also the most important: book as soon as you know when you’ll be visiting! The further out you book your Orlando vacation home, the more variety you’ll have available and the more likely you’ll be to get exactly the home you’re looking for.

2.         Keep your small deposit in mind

Remember that you really can book as soon as you know you’ll be traveling, thanks in part to the small $50 deposit that’s required. In fact, you don’t have to pay in full until 14 days before your trip! This allows you to book right away and save up to pay for the reservation in full.

3.         Cancellation is easier than you think

Here’s another reason to book early: You can cancel your reservation with minimal consequences. If you cancel at least 15 days before your reservation you’ll get $35 of your deposit back – which means a cancelation fee of just $15! If you cancel in fewer than 15 days you’ll be charged for just a single night, and if you cancel within 24 hours of your reservation you’ll have to pay the entirety of the reservation as it will be difficult to re-rent with such little notice.

orlandovacation_living-room-rental4.         Keep an eye on minimum stays

Many of the best homes will have a minimum stay, and the minimum stay may vary based on how popular a particular week is. Why do these minimum stays exist? For good reason! The property management company you’ll be renting from takes great pride in getting these homes cleaned for every new tenant. During peak times they want to charge the most affordable rates possible, and they can’t do that if you’re forced to pay a cleaning crew every night.

5.         Be flexible

If you didn’t book months and months in advance then you may not see the exact home you were looking for. Don’t be discouraged! Virtually any vacation home you’ll find will offer way more bang for your buck than local resort hotels. You’ll have privacy, a full kitchen, and much more! Be flexible with amenities but remember that location is likely to be the top factor you should consider. Try to stay within 15 minutes of the major theme parks.