One of the many great things about visiting Disney World is that there are so many different places to stay and things to do that people of virtually any budget can enjoy it. Whether a family wants to spend $10,000 or a $1,000, there’s an option for everyone! We recently ran across an article called 26 Tips for Doing Disney World on a Budget and it had some super useful info. We’re focusing on their advice for saving for the trip in the first place, but head on over to the link to read it all.

1.         Open a savings account just for Disney

How often have families said, “We’ll save $X.XX a month for our Disney trip!” and had the best intentions, only to never put a penny in their fund? We know how hard it can be when you have tons of other things that need your attention, but most families can put away $10, $20, or maybe $30 a week toward their vacation. The best way to assure it’s used for the purpose you want it to be used for is to put it in a separate account and then not touch it until it’s go time.

2.         Save for far-future trips with US Savings Bonds

You can earn incredible interest on US Savings Bonds – but there is a catch. You’ll pay a penalty if you cash them in before you’ve held them for five years. As a result, this is a great tip for those planning a trip at least five years in advance, but it’s not going to work for that vacation you’re planning next year.

3.         Make your change jar work for you

Many families are absolutely amazed at how quickly change can add up. In fact, one family we know started saving change and within three months had over $200! This likely won’t pay for your entire trip – unless you’re saving for years – but it can cover a special meal, souvenirs, or even gas for the drive down on your vacation.


4.         Move any and all extra money the moment you get it

Any money that comes in that you weren’t including in your budget should go to your Disney fund. Some financial experts call this money “found funds” and it can include your Christmas bonus, tax refund, birthday money, and other surprise funds.

5.         Cut back on daily spending

You don’t have to make significant cuts to save up significant money. For example, if you’re currently spending $1.50 a day on coffee, cutting that out would save you more than $550 over the course of the year! Take a look at your spending and see where you can cut out these small expenses to see big rewards.

A trip to Disney is in virtually everyone’s future if they simply plan correctly! While it may take some families a few months to save, and for others it may take years, if you keep your eye on the prize and consider the above tips, you’ll be there in no time!