A trip to Orlando is always exciting but it can be downright luxurious when you rent your very own vacation home. Many travelers are shocked to find that the cost starts at just $99 per night, but even with this low price it’s still important to stay within budget. We’ve compiled four different ways you can ensure everyone has a great time – without destroying your savings account.

1.         Cook meals at home

One of the biggest advantages to renting an Orlando vacation home is the ability to cook meals in your home. You can simply take a trip to a nearby grocery store, get the food you need, and prepare all meals for your family, if you want to. Most families will eat some meals at home and some out and about in Orlando. The home you rent will come equipped with the basic things you need to cook and eat a meal: pots, pans, plates, silverware, etc.

eating in orlando vacation home

2.         Bring your specialty equipment with you

If you’re the type who must have their French press coffee, or you need a juicer to maintain your healthy lifestyle, bring those items with you! Time and time again we see people forget these essentials at home, only to go to a local store and buy duplicates. Save your money by anticipating these issues ahead of time.

3.         Do your research

Many of us get into “vacation mode” where you’re simply not thinking about the realities of our bank accounts. A great example of this is people who simply go to whichever grocery store is nearest. This may be the upscale market with huge markups. Before you head to Orlando, get on the internet and find out which stores are closet to your home, find out which gas stations are cheapest, and be prepared to get the best price on everything you need.

orlando grocery shopping

4.         Take meals and snacks into the parks

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that you can’t take food or drink into the Disney theme parks. This is simply untrue! You can take any food you want and you can take any non-alcoholic beverages. The only real rule is that you can’t take a hard cooler – soft coolers are just fine. As a result, pack lunch, pack snacks – pack plenty of water! You can save a ton by just eating your own delicious food instead of waiting in line for half an hour just to eat overpriced snacks.

These tips are a great way for the frugal family to save big on their next trip to Disney World without having to sacrifice much of anything at all.