Let’s face it: traveling to Disney World with young kids can be a challenge. While your goal is to ensure a magical experience for everyone, it can be less than perfect if you don’t make a point to follow a few tips. We recently enjoyed a blog that included 9 Tips for Preparing to Visit Disney World with Kids and have picked out our top 4 from that list. Check it out below.

orlandovacation_ride-height-requirement1.         Height may be more important than age

If you’re like many parents, you’ve likely spent quite a chunk of time researching what the right age is to take the kids for their first Disney World visit. You may have found some advice about choosing the right age, but for many families it’s actually more about height. There are no Disney rides that require a child to be a certain age, but many DO require them to be a certain height.

2.         Taking the kids out of school may be worth it

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to make any sacrifices to have the perfect Disney trip. However, if your only option is to take the kids during school breaks, you’ll not only be dealing with larger crowds but you’ll be paying a premium. You can often get deep discounts if you go during the slower months, plus you can get much more done with the smaller crowds. Just be sure you check with your school district to make sure there aren’t any significant consequences for taking them out of school for a few days.

orlandovacation_backpack-for-snacks3.         Bring a backpack just for sweaters and sweatshirts

If you’re able to visit during the colder months, remember that it can be quite chilly in the morning and get warm in the afternoon. Don’t make the mistake of bundling everyone up without bringing a backup to stow the extra layers when you don’t need them, or you’ll end up weighed down with sweaters all day.

4.         Pay attention to your child’s needs

It’s easy to get so caught up in the advice of others that you don’t take your own kid’s unique needs into consideration. For example, some kids are fine to ride thrill rides at a younger age, but if you know your child doesn’t like being in dark places, doesn’t like being confined, or has a specific fear, listen to them when they tell you they’d rather not try a ride. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to push through their fear, but don’t let it turn into a meltdown over something that simply isn’t worth it. Listen to your kids and let them call the shots – after all, it’s their first visit to Disney World!

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