If you’re considering a trip to Disney World with your young children, you’re likely apprehensive. You know it’ll be a magical time for everyone, but you want to avoid some of the pitfalls that can lead to meltdowns and other issues. Take a look at these 4 tips that may seem simple but can have a big impact on everyone’s trip.

orlandovacation_disney-glow-toys1.         Bring something for the dark

Many of the rides at Disney World involve dark areas that can be scary for young kids. There are several things you can bring that can help make it more comfortable for kids who are scared of the dark. Consider something like a pen light or glow worm – essentially something that will add light but won’t disturb other guests – or buy one of the glowing items Disney sells that give off a constantly, gentle light.

2.         Practice before your trip

Your kids will have many new experiences to take advantage of during your vacation, but some of them can be overwhelming. Try to practice as many elements as you can before your trip. For example, take them to a place with a larger crowd to see how they’ll react, let them practice saying hello to new people, and, if they’re walking, practice walking longer distances with them.

3.         Know what to expect

Before you head down to Orlando, take some time to look at park maps and learn which rides are appropriate for your little ones. Remember that just because they don’t have a height requirement and are allowed to ride doesn’t mean that your kids will be comfortable on them. If in doubt, check out YouTube videos of full rids and decide if your kids will feel safe.

4.         Bring plenty of toys

Many parents assume that because there’s so much to do in Disney World, they don’t need to bring their own toys along. The truth is that not only will you not know what your kids will be interested in once they get to Disney, but they’ll also be looking for familiar toys to keep them comfortable.