Taking the kiddos on a trip to Disney World is probably something you’ve dreamed about for years, but there are a lot of things to consider. Take a look at these helpful packing tips to make sure you’re not leaving something essential behind.

orlandovacation_ziploc-packing1.         Pack individual outfits and label them for quick access

If you’re traveling for more than 3 days, pick out your kid’s individual outfits, place each one in a gallon Ziploc bag, and label them. This makes it simple to grab an outfit in the morning, and allows you to take outfits to the parks in the event they need to change.

2.         Bring a mini first aid kit

You’ll find basic first aid items at your resort and at the parks, but it’s always a good idea to have your own supplies on hand. You don’t need anything fancy, just your basic Band-Aids, disinfectant, aspirin, etc. You can save time by buying a kit pre-made at your local drug store.

3.         Consider your past trips

Some parents always bring way more stuff than they need, while others are always forgetting the essentials. If you’re driving you may not care if you over pack, but for those of us who fly, having extra bags can be costly. Consider what you’ve done on your past trips and try to avoid those mistakes.

orlandovacation_packing-what-you-need4.         Pack some blue electrical tape

This may sound like a strange suggestion, but you’ll be amazed at what it can be used for. As an example, consider using this tape to baby proof the electric sockets or to hang up kid’s artwork in your hotel room. This tape is affordable and easy to get off the walls.

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