There are many things that can be more challenging as a single parent but taking the kids to Disney World doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out this interesting blog post with 10 Tips for Single Parents Traveling to Walt Disney World or check out our top 4 tips below.

orlandovacation_age-of-child1.         Carefully consider the age of your kids

There are many opinions about the right age for a child’s first trip to Disney World. Some people believe that it’s never too early and take babies that are just a few months. Others wait until their kids are in their double digits to make sure they can ride everything. For us, the sweet spot is somewhere in between.

The key is to review the restrictions on rides and decide when your kids can start enjoying many different attractions. Disney World doesn’t have age requirements, but they do have height requirements. Keep in mind that there are also plenty of rides that are fine for kids of any height. Just remember that you’ll be solely responsible for your kids in a busy, bustling place. You may want to wait until they’re old enough to get around on their own, though strollers can be rented at all of the parks.

2.         The right shoes are more than an accessory

If you’ve never spent days walking around Disney World then you may not realize just how much walking there is. Some people walk up to 10 miles per day! That’s like walking a half marathon each day. When you’re doing it pushing a stroller it can be even more daunting. The key is to have comfortable shoes. Popular options include Keens, which are open topped shoes that dry quickly in wet weather, and Sketchers Go Walks, which many people swear stay comfortable for hours and hours.

orlandovacation-single-parent-tips3.         Plan your dates strategically

The first decision you’ll make will be when to travel to Disney World. If you’re not tethered to school schedules, consider going during off peak times where crowds will be lower and prices will be cheaper. If you must go during vacations, remember that weekends are the busiest times, and afternoons will see the largest crowds. A great technique is to get there as soon as the park opens, leave around lunchtime for a nice afternoon break, and come back in the evenings when crowds start to thin out again.

4.         Accommodations are everything

You don’t want to spend big bucks to stay on Disney property, but you also don’t want to travel an hour to and from the parks every day. Find resort hotels within 15 minutes of the parks, or rent a vacation home for the ultimate in privacy and space.