There are tons of people who could benefit significantly from the affordable accommodations offered when you rent an Orlando vacation home, but there are three groups in particular who will really benefit from these spacious, inexpensive options.

vacation homes near Disney World appeal to many different groups.

vacation homes near Disney World appeal to many different groups.

1.         Large groups trying to stay within budget

Why rent out a block of hotel rooms, most of which can only sleep four, when you can rent vacation homes with up to 7 bedrooms each? They’re generally much more affordable than hotel rooms, plus everyone has tons of privacy. It’s also a great choice for youth groups, high school trips, and other situations where you need a chaperone to have easy access to the kids at all times.

2.         Families who need a kitchen and laundry facilities

One of the best aspects of staying in a vacation home is the access to in-unit laundry. Packing can be challenging, especially when you’re traveling for more than a week or if you have young children. When you have your own laundry facility you can wash items on a nightly basis if you have to, and you won’t have to take an afternoon off to visit a Laundromat.

Having access to a private, fully stocked kitchen is more than just an incredible convenience – it’s a great way to save money. Why buy all your meals at the parks and spend $100+ per day when you can fix a nice, hearty breakfast and prepare lunch to take to the parks? The money you’ll save on food by having your own kitchen can make up for the cost of your accommodations.

3.         Couples who want plenty of privacy

Visiting Disney World is a great way to spend an anniversary, and when you rent your own private home you’ll be able to come back after a fun-filled day and relax in the peace and quiet. You’ll even have access to a private pool and Jacuzzi!

As you can see, there are tons of reasons that Orlando vacation homes are a great option. They offer convenience, privacy, and affordable options for groups and couples alike.