Packing the diaper bag for a trip to Disney World will include many of your everyday items, but it’ll include some items you may not have thought to add. Take a look at this article, What To Pack In The Diaper Bag For Walt Disney World Orlando, to read 11 top ideas, or check out our favorites below.

orlandovacation_first-aid-kit1.         An extra pair of shoes

It’s essential that your kids have comfortable shoes, even if they’re young enough that you don’t think they’ll do much walking on their own. Remember that Disney World requires miles of walking every day – and of course there’s nothing that attracts the kiddos quite like puddles! Bring an extra pair of shoes for them to change in to if it becomes necessary.

2.         A first aid kit including medicine

You can buy almost anything at the Disney World theme parks, including pain killer, children’s aspirin, band-aids, etc. However, you’ll pay a pretty penny and will likely waste valuable time finding the right store that stocks what you need. Pack yourself a little bag that includes all the things you may need so they’ll be ready at a moment’s notice.

3.         Portable DVD player

These can be purchased for as little as $50 and are the perfect distraction for a kid who’s about to meltdown. Simply pull it out, find a bench, and plunk the little one down in front of it while you wait for your dining reservation, wait for your FastPass+ window, or take a break.

4.         Mini Disney characters


Souvenirs are expensive, and your little ones are going to want almost everything they see. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars and keep the kids entertained at the same time by bringing your own mini Disney characters for them to play with.

orlandovacation_toddler-to-go-snacks5.         Snacks

Food is a major expense at Disney World. You likely won’t have trouble finding foods for even the pickiest eaters, as every restaurant will have a kid’s menu that includes things like pizza and chicken nuggets, but why pay $4+ for a simple snack when you can bring your own? Disney World allows food and non-alcoholic beverages to be brought into the parks, so there’s no reason not to grab your own snacks.

6.         A change of clothes

There are a million things that can happen at Disney World that would require you to have a change of clothes on hand. For example, you might get splashed on Splash Mountain, a rain shower could come out of nowhere, or a spill could occur. Have an extra change of clothes for your kids so you can simply get rid of the old and bring in the new!