Last month Universal Studios opened the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter and I have waited a few months before I wrote a piece about the theme park. I will also admit I have not actually been to the park, but this is what I have heard from our guests.

1. The Island is themed really nice and if you are a big Harry Potter fan it is really fun.

2. The crowds and the lines to get anything are quite long.

3. There are not many rides on the island, it is primarily made up of gift shops and stores.

When Universal first said that they were opening the Harry Potter Theme Park I thought it was going to be a whole separate park, but in reality it is an island at Islands of Adventure. The crowds will more than likely die down once the newness of the attraction wheres off. I did here that the buttered beer is awesome.

If you would like to visit the Harry Potter Attraction we have quite a few nice hotels near Universal Studios.