It can be challenging to find attractions at Disney World that teens enjoy. There’s no question that Universal has better thrill rides, but Disney has a better, more immersive theming experience. One of the most well-loved and best themed rides used to be Pirates of the Caribbean, but in recent years it’s started to show its age. Luckily some changes have been made and we’re happy to report them.

disney world pirates of the caribbean

The renovation didn’t go as many expected it to

One of the interesting aspects of the Pirates of the Caribbean renovation is that it didn’t last nearly as long as many people expected. In fact, Disney said it may be closed through the end of the year. In fact, it opened again in September – months ahead of schedule.

Disney wasn’t clear about what they were doing and many people thought they’d update their ride components. While they did change and add a few things on the ride, they didn’t make any changes to the boats or the way they function.

The changes that were made

One of the biggest changes is one of the things teens have complained about: Disney has updated the attraction with fresh paint, enhanced special effects – including new cannons with smoke and strobes for better weather effects. They’ve also added new scents to increase the immersiveness of the attraction.

The Audio Animatronic figures have also been updated. Each of the characters was rebuilt and has a new costume. They look more realistic and more authentic, but long-time fans will be glad to know that they still have their original look. While subtle changes have been made to update the attraction, it’s still very reminiscent of the ride it’s been for decades.

pirates of the caribbean disney world

Are teens going to love the new ride?

For some teens, Pirates of the Caribbean is more popular than ever, thanks to the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Disney was smart as they made some minor changes to the attraction that would draw in a teen crowd – like the addition of an audio animatronic Jack Sparrow – but they respected the love many have for this attraction by not making major changes.

In our opinion, it’s now a ride that everyone in the family can enjoy. In fact, it has no height requirement, so kids of all ages can ride. Just note that some of the scenes can be spooky for the younger kids – particularly the battle scene with live cannons and the jailhouse scene where everything is going up in flames. One thing’s for sure though: this ride rarely has long lines so it’s well worth it for everyone in the family to give it a shoot!