Disney World Price Increase?

It’s no secret that trips to Disney World can be pricey. From park tickets to dining options, guests can expect to pay a pretty penny for their expedition, especially as time goes on. Here’s what we think about Disney World prices.

As such, many fans have been left wondering whether prices will continue to increase throughout the new year. And, while Disney will never admit to it, it seems as if this will be the case.

So, which aspects are likely to become more expensive, and — most importantly — how can you still save big on your Disney World trip? We’re here to tell you!

Expected Price Increases 

In general, it seems like Disney increases their ticket prices on a regular schedule: specifically, around February. Now, these changes can vary between minimal and large amounts, but it’s almost impossible to find admission tickets that were cheaper than the previous year.

Some other considerations to think about include:

  • Reduced Food Portions: Even though guest spending is at an all-time high, it seems like Disney is trying to squeeze as much as they can from their profits. As such, the company has alluded to potentially cutting portion sizes: a change that is likely to be implemented during 2022. 
  • Increased Dining Prices: Most recently, the park has increased its prices for nearly all beverages, foods, and snacks — up to $2 per item.
  • Paid Shuttle Services: Finally, the old shuttle service that transported guests from MCO to their resorts is no longer free, adding just one more expense to the experience.

How to Avoid Overspending 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to sidestep most of these developments, as the majority are out of guests’ control.

As such, there is only one real option to ensure you save as much money as possible: booking your Disney trip sooner rather than later!

It’s clear that the park is only going to get pricier as time goes on, which means that vacations planned further down the line could end up being more expensive than earlier ones.

So, to avoid future price increases, don’t hesitate to purchase your Disney World tickets before it’s too late! 

Other Cost-saving Strategies

Still searching for ways to cut down on vacation costs? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t Stay on the Property: Off-park lodging is notably cheaper than staying at a hotel situated on-site.
  • Buy Souvenirs Elsewhere: Almost everything becomes more expensive the second you step into Disney World — especially the merchandise. Fortunately, you can still acquire souvenirs for much cheaper by visiting the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet.
  • Visit During Off-season: Prices tend to fluctuate alongside crowd levels. When you plan your getaway during the off-season, you can expect airfare, hotel reservations, and more to be cheaper compared to high-traffic periods.
  • Bring Your Own Snacks: Carry a cooler backpack to keep small (yet filling) snacks ready to eat throughout the day. This way, you’ll skip on those expensive Disney dining experiences.

Need Help Finding Bargains? 

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