When Are Vacation Homes in Orlando Better Options Than Hotels

There isn’t a single type of Orlando accommodation that’s best for every group. Some families benefit greatly from renting vacation homes in Orlando, while others find that Orlando area vacation homes are not the best options for them. Today we’ll discuss the situations in which vacation homes in Orlando are better options than renting a hotel room.

You want more privacy

If you’re staying in a hotel room, there’s little to no privacy. This may be fine for a couple – and they may well prefer to stay in a hotel – but when it comes to families or other larger groups, there’s no comparison to the privacy offered in Orlando vacation villas. Ranging in size from three bedrooms to seven bedrooms, they ensure everyone has their own space but with common areas wherever everyone can come together.

You have children who go to bed earlier than the rest of your group

If parents travel with their children and stay in anOrlando hotel room, they’re forced to tiptoe around them when it’s bedtime. Perhaps they can turn the TV on low, or browse their phones or tablets. But wouldn’t it be better if they could snuggle up on a couch and watch their favorite movie? Or take a dip in the pool? Hotel rooms can virtually hold parents hostage while their children sleep. On the other hand, vacation homes in Orlando can allow parents a lot more flexibility.

You want your own private pool

One of the best parts of visiting Orlando is the incredible swimming opportunities. Whether you take a day trip to Cocoa Beach or Clearwater Beach, or you swim in a pool, no one comes to Orlando without bringing their bathing suit! Even in winter, pools are heated to ensure that they’re still refreshing and lovely to swim in.

But what happens when your family wants to do what every other family does – come back to the resort for an afternoon break and swim? Your children will be in a pool with dozens or even hundreds of other kids. This isn’t nearly as fun as renting a vacation home that comes with its own private pool. Imagine swimming whenever you’d like – no posted swimming hours – and doing so with total privacy.

You want the best value

We find that people often assume that vacation homes in Orlando aren’t the best option for them because they believe that they’re too expensive. What may surprise you is that these homes can be rented for as little as $99 per night. This is a great deal, and when you compare the cost of renting several hotel rooms to accommodate your group, compared to renting a single vacation home, you’ll quickly realize that it’s often the best value.

You want rentals near Disney World

Some people mistakenly believe that the only rentals near Disney World are hotels. This isn’t the case. In fact, you can rent a home that’s within a ten or fifteen-minute drive to the parks. This is such a convenient option and ensures that you can spend as much time in the parks as possible.

You have a family with special needs

If your family has its own unique needs, then renting a home is a must. Whether your child has sensory issues and needs breaks throughout the day, or you have a grandparent with mobility issues, staying in a home gives you a lot more control over your environment so that you can make it work for whatever your needs are.

You want to make your own meals

There are hundreds of restaurants within the theme parks but only a small handful that offer truly healthy food. Even those that do cost quite a bit. A family of four could easily spend $200+ a day just feeding their family in the parks. What’s the solution? Vacation homes in Orlando that offer full chef’s kitchens.

Just stop at the grocery store on your way in from the airport and stock up on staples. You can make a quick breakfast in the morning, come back to your home for lunch, and pack sandwiches to have dinner in the park. Some families choose to eat some meals in their vacation home and then be able to really splurge and get whatever they want when they’re in the theme parks.