This question gets asked a lot, and there is no short answer. While some dads want to wait until their kids meet every height requirement, others take their infants into the parks. The right answer for you will depend on numerous factors, so let’s take a look at some of the things to consider as you decide which age is the right age for your kid’s first trip.

What are your goals?

Your attitude is a huge factor in deciding which age is right. If you want your kids to have lifelong memories, then taking them at 10 months old is obviously not the right age. However, you may underestimate just how special it is to see your toddler see Eeyore for the first time, or to see their eyes light up when they see Cinderella Castle. Either option is just fine – just be sure that you know what your goals are before you make your final decision.


Consider the best times to visit

It’s likely no surprise that the busiest times by far are those when school is out. As result, if you have a chance to take your kids before they start school, then you’ll likely be glad you did. While there’s tons of fun and excitement to be had in Orlando, it’s also true that it can be overwhelming. Try to visit during off-peak times like early November or February. You’ll have much lower crowds and plenty of time to enjoy the experience with your kids.

Know your options

Single dads of young kids may be surprised to learn that there are dozens of rides that you can take a kid of any age on. Larger families should read up on rider swap, which allows one parent to wait with the kids while the other rides, and then swap the kids while the first parent rides. It’s an ingenious way for parents of younger children to get to ride everything they want without waiting in line several times.


Remember – It’s your decision!

The most important thing to remember is that it’s your decision. You’re the dad – you know your kids best! If you think they’re ready, then go for it – ignore the people who disagree. On the other hand, if you know they’re not, then don’t let well-meaning people push you into something that may overwhelm everyone.

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