If you are coming to Orlando and you are renting a vacation home, I’m here to say you have definitely made the right choice. It is quite hard for us to tell you exactly what is going to be in each vacation home. Obviously, some home have more amenities than others but in order for us to include a home in our rental pool we do require the following.

Kitchen- All home come with all the pots, pans, dishes and silverware there is no need in bringing these items we already have them covered. Cork screws, bottle openers, and grilling utensils are hit and miss. Most vacation homes have these items but it is not a requirement.

Special Hint- If you have a large family or multiple families are sharing a home you might want to go to Publix and buy paper plates and plastic fork and knives. Most vacation homes have enough plates, dishes, and glassware for 4 to 6 people. Another added benefit of buying paper plates, it sure does save a lot of time cleaning up after a meal.

Towels- All the vacation homes have enough towels to take care of everybody taking baths. Since all our homes have there own private swimming pool you might want to bring a beach towel for everybody to dry off when they are done swimming.

Bar-B-Ques Grills- You can rent a Bar-B-Que Grill for a small fee. We will deliver it to your home on the day of your arrival.

TV, VCR, and Game Systems- All our homes have multiple TV’s with one in the living room and at least one in the Master bed room. If you are renting a four or five bedroom home they will have 3 TV’s in them. Most homes come complete with VCR’s and there two (2) video rental places within a few miles of our vacation homes. Most home owners will not leave a Play station or Nintendo behind, and if they do they usually are not working properly. We do require our home owners to have at least two TV’s in the vacation homes but game systems and VCR’s are not a requirement for us.