Ready to plan a Christmas in Orlando? Here is a great list of what you would need to bring for a trip to Disney during Christmas!

Pack Layers

Traveling to Orlando, usually, you will want to pack shorts and light clothes for the Florida heat but traveling during Christmas time you will need to rethink those shorts and bathing suits. Make sure to pack layers for those long days at the park. Typically, in December the average low temperature in Orlando is 55 degrees. That can be cold, especially in the shade and after dark. The highs in December in Orlando on average is 75 degrees. The best way to make sure you are comfortable is to dress in layers. Make sure you have long sleeve shirts, jackets, hats, and bring gloves for the little ones.


Make sure while packing for your Disney vacation to Orlando in December you pack closed-toed shoes. Most of the year when packing for vacations to Disney World you will want to bring sandals and flip flops. During December make sure to keep your toes warm and wear those closed-toe shoes.

Christmas Themed Outfits

Buying clothes at Disney can come with a hefty price tag. Make sure you buy your Christmas-themed outfits ahead of time. Wearing matching outfits can be fun for the whole family, plan and make sure to pack fun Christmas Mickey and Minnie’s ears and pack your favorite character ugly Christmas sweater!


While visiting the park make sure you have a good backpack you can put your layers when you take them off. This makes it easy to hold items and pack some snacks while you are heading to the park. There are many festive Christmas backpacks you can buy ahead of time from or


This is one that many travelers forget about, but it is important! Just because it is cold out in Florida does not mean the sun is any less forgiving! You can still get burnt even when it is cold, so make sure to add sunscreen to your packing list.

Door Decorations

If you are staying at any of the Walt Disney World Resorts, make sure you decorate your room door for the holidays. A fun, not-so-well-known trend is decorating the resort room doors. They can be decorated for holidays, anniversaries, and any celebrations. The best door decoration I have seen has been a “First Trip To Disney” theme that was over the top!

So, what are some things you are going to make sure to bring on your Orlando Christmas trip? Vacations to Disney world will create memories that will last a lifetime! Make sure to plan ahead for a magical vacation!