Disney’s Photopass is a system used in the Disney theme parks that allows you to save and access photographs at any point during your vacation—and after you get home. Photopass photographers are stationed at key points, attractions, and at character greeting points and can snap your photo and give you a card for later access.  The service is convenient and free, and best of all, you can actually get the whole family into the photos, instead of having mom or dad behind the lens.

How Photopass Works

Once a Photopass photographer snaps your photo, he or she will scan your card—the digital photos will be saved for you, and you can use your unique id number (found on the back of the card) to access your pictures later. You can have prints made at the park, from your hotel, or wait until you get home.

What does it cost?

Having your photos taken and saved into the system is free; if you want to order prints or a photo cd, prices will vary from a few dollars to about a hundred dollars (for the entire CD).

Where are Photopass pictures taken?

All character greeting and character dining locations have a Photopass photographer on hand. You can also find photographers at important landmarks in each of the major theme parks and by some of the bigger rides and attractions. Ride photos can be added to your Photopass, and you can have a family portrait snapped at select deluxe resorts.

How do I get the photos?

When you get home, visit the web address on the back of your card. You’ll be prompted to enter the pass number, and then you’ll be able to access your pictures. Save your photos with a login and they’ll be available for purchase for the next 30 days.