You likely already know about Disney’s Fastpass  — the system that allows you to virtually save a place in line — but did you know mega water park Wet n Wild offers something similar? Wet n Wild’s Express passes allow you to choose a shorter line option — in most cases you’ll reach the start of a ride or slide in 10 minutes or less, instead of in a half hour, making this a huge time saver when you visit the park in the busy summer months.

Spend less time waiting in line at Wet n Wild.

How Wet n Wild’s Express Pass Works:

If you’ve ever used the Express Pass system at Universal, the Wet n Wild system is set up the same way; you pay a fee and then get a chance to head to the front of the line for most park rides. There are two levels of passes available — at two different price points. You should note that the Express Pass will cost you extra money, above the amount you’ll have to spend for park admission.

Prices vary depending on the pass you choose. The most expensive option is also the most flexible — for about $60, you can head to the front of the line as often as you’d like. If you want to ride quickly, but $60 (per person) is a little too steep for your vacation budget, then you can purchase the one time pass. The one time pass allows you to advance to the front of the line a single time for each ride, and costs a little less than half of the price of the unlimited version.

The Express Pass can mean more fun for you — at a cost, so deciding to purchase it is a matter of weighing the additional fee against the convenience of bypassing a few — or most of — the lines.