You know getting married at Disney World isn’t going to be cheap, but there are a few ways you can keep costs as low as possible. We found a great article that shows you how to Have a Cost-Effective Fairy-Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World. We’ve compiled our favorites, so check out these four ways you can cut the cost of your dream Disney wedding.

1. Get married on a weekday morning during the offseason

The most affordable time to get married at Disney World is on a weekday morning. Why? Because the minimum expenditures from Disney are higher on the weekends and afternoon on weekdays. You’ll note that the prices of weddings are the same year-round, but keep in mind that everything else will be more expensive during the busy season – including hotel prices, airfares, and meals.


2. Count on 50% – 70% of your invited guests to attend

You may know that destination weddings tend to draw a smaller number of guests than most at-home weddings, but Disney has a higher-than-average response rate. This is due in part to the easy, affordable travel to Orlando, plus the many attractions in the area. Of course, your number will vary based on how far your guests are from Orlando and how familiar they are with Disney World, but generally, you can expect between 50% – 70% of those you invite to attend your wedding.

3. Order your marriage license online – for free!

Time is money, and you’ll save hours of time by ordering your marriage license online and getting it in the mail. It’s provided for free by the Brevard County courthouse, and it will save you a ton of cash compared to the identical service you’ll get if you use the services of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings planning services. Of course, you’ll still pay the actual cost of the license, but you can skip the processing fee.


4. Consider holding the event outside the parks

One crucial factor to consider is that Disney does not allow any outside vendors into the parks. What does this mean? It means you must use their photographer, caterer, and other vendors. In many cases, Disney won’t even guarantee you a specific photographer, which means you’ll get the luck of the draw and may end up with someone who doesn’t match your style. If you want total control over your wedding – and to save considerably over Disney’s fees – consider having the event at one of the resorts or nearby.

There are a million ways to make your Disney wedding the dream you’ve always imagined and it can be done much more affordably than you may think by following these simple tips.