Well, Universal Orlando’s biggest secret is out, and it’s epic.

Epic Universe

Epic Universe is officially under construction and it will be everything a Nintendo loving enthusiast could hope for in real life. There’s a promise of Princess Peach’s Castle, Super Mario-themed attractions, and Yoshi’s adventure ride. That’s just the start of what’s to come.

Epic Universe originally slated to open in 2023. However, the effects of the global pandemic pushed the opening date to 2025. Japan’s Epic Universe, which broke ground in 2017, is moving forward and is on schedule to open March 18, which is exciting news for Nintendo fans everywhere.

A Slight Delay

Meanwhile, Orlando’s exciting new addition opens its gates to building its own Super Nintendo homage. Although, construction halted pushing the opening date back for nearly eight months. The Orange County Mayor is thrilled that the project resumes.

“The resumption of the Epic Universe project couldn’t come at a better time,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings in a press statement. “Our community has so many talented workers who will benefit from this massive project. I am confident it will deliver a huge economic boost to Orange County.”

Economic Boost

Epic Universe will give Mario lovers everywhere a place to live out their fandom. In addition, the fully up and running park will create more than an estimated 14,000 jobs. This will grant a long desired economic boost to Orlando residents. Great news after over a year of furloughs and layoffs announced affected the economy. Although these jobs will not be available immediately, however, there certainly does light up our future.

The location of Epic Universe in conjunction with the rest of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is interesting in that it’s the first Universal theme to adopt a layout similar to that of Walt Disney World. There will be a central hub (we’re not sure if this is Princess Peach’s Castle or what incredible structure awaits us,) and all of Epic Universe’s lands will flow outward from that, like Disney’s layout back in 1955.

Free Transportation

The company will provide free transportation between the parks, most likely in the form of shuttles, and will devote over $160 million to help develop Kirkman Road, which will become the main artery of traffic from the north campus to the south.

No matter what, the future is looking brighter every day. With the rollout of the vaccines, expansion of Universal’s parks, the opening of more venues and events with enhanced safety features, and the weather warming up. We have lots to look forward to. Stay tuned for more information on more exciting news regarding Epic Universe’s opening.